Jonathan Jaussi, founder of Circuit Complete and author of “You Are Good: Why Your Personal Value Has Everything To Do With Your Success in Business”, has become widely known as a transformational business mentor and coach. In 2003, after years of struggling to take his business to the next level, Jonathan took a leap of faith and hired a business mentor. Just 3 months after hiring a business coach, Jonathan had DOUBLED his revenue. Since then, his business has continued to see incredible growth and success.

In the past 5 years, Jonathan has helped over a dozen business owners follow his own proven process to hit their professional goals in 20 weeks or less. In addition to running his own successful law firm in Utah, Jonathan is an expert at helping business owners tap into their true potential, achieve their personal and professional goals, and maximize revenue.

The most common feedback Jonathan receives from his coaching clients is “Thank you for helping me get out of my own way, I never realized how much I was capable of.” Jonathan specializes in helping entrepreneurs access their potential, remove obstacles such as fear of failure, implement actionable strategies, and stay connected for a complete power circuit that will send your personal and business success into hyperdrive.

For a greater understanding into the philosophy and data behind Jonathan’s proven and practical business coaching methods, download his free eBook “You Are Good” here. For any questions or inquiries regarding Jonathan’s coaching and availabilities, submit a form below.